Phil Lopes

I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher, focusing on the development of dynamic AI systems within the domain of digital games. 

My main interest is in the development of new tools and algorithms for Procedural Content Generation (PCG) and I also explore dynamic game adaptation tied to affective computing. My most recent work attempts to explore the dynamics and interplay between audio, level design and visuals.

I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Digital Games from Institute of Digital Games of the University of Malta. 


List of publications are up to date on my official website.


Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory
Computer Science Department, University of Geneva
Battelle campus, Building A
7, route de Drize
CH-1227 Carouge (Geneva), Switzerland

Postal address:
Louis-Philippe Lopes
Battelle Bat. A
Rte de Drize 7
CH - 1227, Carouge (GE), Switzerland