Databases and resources


FAMOS Database of physical microstructures

GIF interestingness database (ACM MM 2016) A collection of 2739 GIFs with annotations

Visual Interest database 1005 images from Flickr with interest and emotional ratings + workers' personality traits(ACM MM 2015 short paper)

Emotion in Music Database (1000 songs) 1000 songs with experts' annotations (Mediaeval 2013)

MAHNOB HCI Impilcit tagging database A multimodal database for affect recognition and implicit tagging

DEAP A database for emotion analysis using EEG, physiological signals and video

Violent scenes in movies A collection of ground-truth files based on the extraction of violent events in movies and web videos, together with high level audio and video concepts

DEAM The MediaEval Database for Emotional Analysis of Music consists of 1802 excerpts and full songs annotated with valence and arousal values both continuously (per-second) and over the whole song

CSEM-25 A multipurpose dataset of object classes captured with a Raytrix R5 camera to address several aspects of computer vision applications using light field with a lens-grid-based representation

Physiological signal analysis tools

TEAP Toolbox for Emotion Analysis using Physiological signals:an open source platform for physiological signal feature extraction


AAAC emotion-research A collection of datasets and resources for Affective Computing; the AAAC also runs the ACII (main conference on this topic)