Dr. Taras Holotyak


Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory
Stochastic Information Processing (SIP) Group
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Geneva

Battelle campus, Building A
7, route de Drize
CH-1227 Carouge (Geneva)

Phone: +41(22)379 0961
Fax: +41(22)379 0250

E-mail: Taras.Holotyak@unige.ch
Web: sip.unige.ch

Office: #213


Senior researcher


Dr. Taras Holotyak received MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine, in 1997 and 2001. From 2003–2005, he was employed as a post doctoral fellow at the State University of New York at Binghamton, USA. Since 2006, he pursued a PhD degree in computer sciences with the Stochastic Information Processing (SIP) Group, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Geneva. After the PhD defense in 2012, he has been collaborating with the SIP group as a senior researcher.


  • content fingerprinting
  • modeling of privacy and security in multimedia management systems
  • privacy preserving identification/authentication protocols and algorithms
  • information-theoretic aspects of digital watermarking and steganography technologies
  • steganalysis of hidden multimedia communications
  • stochastic modeling of multimedia and digital data hiding
  • smart sensors and distributed antenna arrays for secure and low-complexity object classification


  • Elements of multiuser information theory and wireless communications
  • Advanced image processing
  • Multimedia security and privacy