Thomas Charlon


Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory
Computer Science Department
University of Geneva
7 route de Drize, Battelle, Building A
CH-1227 Carouge
Office: #226, 1st Floor Battelle A


PhD student and research assistant
Employee at the bioinformatics services company Quartz Bio


He obtained a Computer Science Master of Engineering specialized in Cognitive Sciences and Advanced Informatics from École pour l'informatique et les techniques avancées (EPITA) and did his last semester internship as a Statistical Software Developer at Quartz Bio.
Since 2014 he has been a PhD student at the Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory (Stochastic Information Processing Group) at University of Geneva and an employee at Quartz Bio.
He is working full time on the European research project PreciseSADs (


Bioinformatics of Health and Disease, Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine
Unsupervised clustering and exploratory biomarker analyses
Genetics, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), and integrative clustering



Genome-wide unsupervised SNP clustering - Charlon T, Wojcik J, Di Cara A, Voloshynovskiy S, Alarcón-Riquelme M E, Martínez-Bueno M - 2015, Poster at Basel Computational Biology Conference